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Going through a divorce and not sure where to start? Divorce attorneys can guide you through. From helping you understand the legal process, to advocating for your rights and protecting your best interests, hiring a divorce attorney will help you get the best outcome for your divorce. Divorce Bob can help you find the best divorce attorney for your needs, helping you find the ideal outcome and save money.

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What Does A Divorce Attorney Do?

If you are undergoing divorce proceedings, having a divorce attorney on your side can be a big help. They can help negotiate on your behalf when it comes to assets and property as well as spousal support, child support and child custody issues. Divorce attorneys will also be there to resolve any additional disputes that may arise during the divorce process.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Divorce Attorney?

There are multiple benefits to hiring a divorce attorney including:

  • Professional legal advice
  • Protecting your interests
  • Maintaining objectivity and facilitating communication
  • Preventing errors
  • Ensuring the best outcome for you

The Hiring Process

What Questions Should I Ask My Divorce Attorney?

During your first consultation, there are many different topics to cover, broadly divided into general questions, property issues, spousal support, children, and other issues.

General questions

It is always worth understanding the process before getting started. Useful questions to ask include:

  • How does the divorce process work?
  • How will we be communication (phone, video, email, face-to-face)
  • How long will my divorce take?
  • Will there be anyone else working on my case?
  • Will I have to communicate with my spouse about anything?
  • What are the attorney fees and the fee structure?

Property issues

For property issues, both physical and non-physical, you will need to ask about ownership and entitlement for the following:

  • The marital home – staying in the marital home, equity, furniture
  • Business assets or professional practices
  • Additional properties
  • Vehicles
  • Savings accounts or shared bank accounts
  • Stocks, bonds, investment funds
  • Social Security benefits
  • Compensation for homemaker contributions
  • Debt
  • Hidden assets

Spousal Support

You will need to ask your divorce attorney if there is entitlement on either side to spousal support or alimony or even temporary support during the divorce. When asking about these, remember to ask how long the duration of these support payments will be and how much. You might also need to ask if there is healthcare coverage, depending on your situation.


If you have children, divorce proceedings will invariably be a bit more complicated with many different factors to consider. Think about asking your divorce attorney about the following:

  • Legal and physical custody
  • Visitation for non-custodial parent and grandparents
  • Child support
  • Health and dental insurance or uninsured health care costs
  • Education costs

Other issues

If there have been cases of domestic violence or abuse, you can also ask your divorce attorney about what the next steps are and how to get an order for protection.

What Is Included When You Use A Divorce Attorney?

A divorce attorney’s services will include:

  • Legal advice – divorce attorneys will explain your case including the process, your rights and responsibilities and the different options available. They will also help you understand property division, child custody and alimony.
  • Document preparation – all necessary court documents, including divorce complaint, financial disclosures and legal paperwork, will be prepared and filed by divorce attorneys to help you do it accurately and punctually
  • Negotiation – divorce attorneys will negotiate on your behalf and represent your best interests
  • Court representation – if divorce cases are not resolved during negotiation or mediation proceedings, your divorce attorney will also represent you in court.

What Documents Will Be Divorce Attorney Need To See?

There are various documents that your divorce attorney may ask to see which could include:

  • Financial documents (income tax returns, proof of yours and your spouse’s income)
  • Prenuptial or postnuptial agreement
  • Bank account statements
  • Documents for pensions or retirement account
  • Documents for trusts, investments, stock portfolios
  • Mortgage or documents
  • Bills such as utilities or children’s school fees
  • Insurance policies
  • List of personal property including a list of property owned by each spouse before marriage and a list of any property acquired during the marriage
  • Wills
  • Powers of attorney

What Should I Look For When Hiring A Divorce Attorney?

Ideally you should look for an attorney who specializes in divorce, rather than one where divorce is just a part of their practice. You could also look for divorce attorneys who have specific experience with cases similar to yours.

When asking around, you can ask what their strategy is for your case, how long it will take and how much it will cost approximately – this could give you key ways to compare different divorce attorneys.

You may also want to consider communication styles such as how long they take to return calls and how you’re able to get hold of them in urgent scenarios.

What Is The Process Of Filing For Divorce?

The basic steps to filing for divorce are the following:

  1. File a divorce petition
  2. Notify spouse and file proof of service
  3. If necessary, request temporary court orders
  4. Negotiate a settlement
  5. Go to trial if not resolved

How Long Does the Divorce Process Take?

Studies suggest that uncontested divorces take around 8 months on average. However, the exact length of your divorce process will be specific to your case and based on multiple factors. When children are involved, divorces generally take longer. Your divorce attorney can help you have a better idea of how long your divorce will take.

With Divorce Bob, you’re not just finding an online divorce service – you’re discovering a partner committed to simplifying the process, providing support, and helping you embark on a hassle-free journey towards your fresh start.

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Divorce Attorney Costs

What Is The Average Cost Of A Divorce Attorney?

There is a great deal of variation in the cost of a divorce attorney and will depend on the case specifications. According to a study carried out by, people paid an average of $270 as an hourly rate for their divorce attorneys, with a total of around $11,300 per spouse for total divorce attorney fees. That said, the study also found that around 4/10 people getting divorce paid $5,000 or less.

How Can I Save Money On A Divorce Attorney?

Keeping costs down with a divorce attorney is possible. Follow these top tips on how to save money on a divorce attorney:

  • Keep communication concise – rather than sending multiple back-and-forth messages, try and reserve topics of discussion to meetings. Combining communication (i.e. multiple questions in one email, rather than separate emails) could cut fees by as much as 50%.
  • Prepare your documents upfront – be ready for your divorce attorney to request multiple different types of documentation. If you have this prepared in advance, it could save you time and money
  • Be open with your divorce attorney – try to be as up front as possible with your divorce attorney, giving them all the relevant information about your case. This could save you on billable hours.

What Factors Influence The Cost Of A Divorce?

There are various factors which can influence the cost of a divorce with a general rule that the more complex the case, the more expensive it will be. With that in mind, things that could affect divorce costs are the involvement of children, high amount of assets to divide, negotiations for spousal support and duration of the divorce proceedings. When there are incidences of high conflict, the divorce will likely be more expensive.

Is A Divorce Attorney Worth It?

Legal language, paperwork and divorce negotiations are notoriously difficult. Making a mistake could slow down the process or get you a worse income in the long-run. That’s why it’s usually worth the short-term investment of hiring a divorce attorney to save you a worse divorce settlement in the future.

Are There Any Hidden Fees I Should Be Aware Of In A Divorce Case?

It’s always best to ask your divorce attorney upfront about costs in order to avoid being surprised later down the line. Hidden fees could include:

  • Mediation fees
  • Fees associated with selling a property (e.g. realtor, appraisal, etc.)
  • Settlement-related fees such as alimony or paying off property, cars, child support
  • Divorce filing fees

Divorce Attorney Locations

Where Can I Find A Divorce Attorney Near Me?

At Divorce Bob, we can connect you with divorce attorneys all across America, whether you are looking for an annulment, a contested or uncontested divorce,  a litigated, mediated or collaborative divorce, or a fault or no-fault divorce, among other services.

We can find you a divorce attorney in the following states:

With Divorce Bob, you’re not just finding an online divorce service – you’re discovering a partner committed to simplifying the process, providing support, and helping you embark on a hassle-free journey towards your fresh start.

Start your online divorce journey with confidence, right where you are.

Does Divorce Differ Between States?

Just like every divorce is different, divorce across different states will also vary. State divorce laws have various differences including:

  • Requirements for process serving
  • Property distribution
  • Fees for filing fees
  • Child custody and support
  • Legal separation requirements

How Can I Find a Divorce Attorney?

You can use DivorceBob to file your divorce online and start a clean slate. With a simple online form, we can get your divorce going in just 2 business days. We can also compare the best offers for divorce attorneys in your specific state.

If you would like another option or alternative to using a divorce attorney, you can use our online filing system which costs £299, will prepare all the papers for you to sign and hand to your local court.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Child Custody Work In A Divorce?

When we speak about child custody we are speaking both about physical custody (the right to have the child live with you) and legal custody (the right to make decisions about the child’s upbringing).

There are two main types of legal custody:

  • Sole or full custody – where one parent has full legal rights to act on the child’s behalf. In this case, the child will usually spend all or most of their time with one parent. This could be in case one parent is deemed inept of taking care of the child.
  • Joint custody – this is when legal or physical custody of the child is shared between both parents.

In addition, there may be exceptional cases that require a different custody arrangement. This could include split custody, where both parents share equal custody including the child taking it in turns to live with the different parents. There also may be third-person custody, such as a grandparent or relative, in case the parents are unable to care for the children.

What Are My Rights Regarding Alimony And Spousal Support?

During a divorce, alimony, spousal support or spousal maintenance may be granted to one of the former spouses. However, this is not automatic. Alimony, spousal support and spousal maintenance work separately from the division of marital property and child support. It is decided on a case-by-case basis.

How Is Property Divided In A Divorce?

While there is some variation between states about property division, in general only marital property will be divided in a divorce. Any properties or assets acquired by a spouse before the marriage will not typically be divided unless they have both signed a written agreement that includes this.

What Happens If My Spouse And I Cannot Agree On Terms?

Divorce attorneys will work to reach a negotiation but if an agreement cannot be made, the case will need to go to court.

What Are The Steps Involved In A Contested Versus Uncontested Divorce?

If a couple can come to an agreement before trial, that is an uncontested divorce. Divorce attorneys are a huge help in this stage because they help with clear communication and fighting for their client’s best interests. However, if the couple cannot agree, it is a contested divorce and will require the extra step of going to court.